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Bedford Signals Corporation Analog + Digital Canceller Testbed shows 100 dB RF Cancellation.

Scottsdale, AZ - 5 October 2023 - Bedford Signals Corporation measurements of their integrated Analog + Digital Canceller Testbed show a cascaded total power cancellation of 100 dB of a GMSK waveform in a 13.3 MHz channel. The testbed uses exclusive IP including BSC's analog canceller control algorithm, first generation vector modulators, ultra-fast converging digital canceller HDL, and 3U DSP card featuring a Xilinx Zynq UltraScale+ FPGA and Analog Devices ADRV9026 Quad Channel SDR. The IR&D system was assembled and tuned for either Self Interference Cancellation or Spatial Cancellation. The newly derived version of the adaptive control algorithm is suitable for use in spatial, temporal, or spatial and temporal cancellation.

Analog canceller performance is limited by hardware imperfections. Digital canceller performance is limited by the dynamic range of the Analog to Digital Converter hardware. Cascading an analog canceller with a digital canceller offers the potential for high dynamic range supporting deep cancellation. BSC's novel adaptive algorithm extracts performance approaching that of a digital canceller from an analog canceller, the analog canceller is designed for high linearity and low noise, and a novel approach to digital cancellation minimizes the limits of ADC dynamic range. The cancellers alone can provide either 100 dB cancellation of unintentional or intentional interference or add 100 dB to self interference isolation as the system cancels residual interference to 3 dB above the receiver noise floor.

The resulting technology is suitable for use in Simultaneous Transmission and Reception, and for removing in-band interference from co-located transmitters. The spatial canceller version is capable of performing high dynamic range interference suppression of further away, untethered and mobile transmitters. Applications of single and multiple channel high dynamic range cancellers include communications, GNSS, and RADAR.

Bedford Signals Corporation is a privately held company, established in May of 2003 to hurdle the challenges of high bandwidth Digital Signal Processing for Satellite and Terrestrial Communications Systems. Core competencies include communications systems, networks, and protocols - with a focus on sophisticated spatial and temporal array processing for wireless communications systems.

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